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A football professional requires competent and sustainable advice and support, right from the start of his career, but also off the pitch.  For this, we offer a series of in-house support services and arrange contacts with our selected partners, where this is requested. Our service range includes the following areas:

  • legal and tax advice

  • asset and financial advice

  • individual training/physiotherapy

  • PR advice and public relations activities

  • insurance

As a top athlete, handling complex tax issues can be an enormous challenge. Game premiums and bonuses, and other non-standard forms of payment are just a few examples of the potentially difficult situations a player has to deal with. If funds are earned abroad, the situation can become even more complicated, since international tax laws become involved. Good professional advice in this area is key. We constantly monitor changes in the tax world and we’re passionate about the field — this means that we can respond effectively to changes in the career of the player. In addition, we assist athletes in other financial matters such as banking, pensions, and insurances.





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